Our Process

G. P. Harris Renovations & Remodeling is client centric. Everything we do is geared towards making the renovation process as enjoyable and stress free as possible for our clients.

Introductory phone call

Success revolves around communication. We begin with a brief phone call that may last 10 minutes or an hour depending on how much or little you are willing to share with us. In this conversation we will learn as much as possible about you and your goals. We will also share more details of how we get from beginning to completion of your project. All of this is done to create project that you love, while staying on schedule and on budget.

In-home visit

The next step is typically an in-home visit. For this appointment we ask you to set aside an hour. It is critical that everyone involved in the decision-making process be present for this discussion. Communication is vital as we are at the point in the process where some preliminary decisions will help guide the design process. Once we have determined a broad scope of work and identified your goals, we will discuss budgetary restraints. Our goal here is to agree on a budget range that we feel will realistically give you the end results you are dreaming about. This is undoubtably the most difficult and important step. Who has not gone shopping and experienced sticker shock. These types of projects are not something most people do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the internet and television give unrealistic perceptions that often leave people deflated. We will complete a Project Development Agreement at this point which spells out the scope of work and target budget range. The fees for the Project Development Agreement generally range from $500 to $4,000. This covers some of the costs involved in project development. Some of the tasks done in this phase are: technical walk-through, design & construction questionnaire, pre-construction photos, field sketches, detailed measurements, create concept drawings, develop preliminary budgets, develop preliminary specifications, conduct design review meetings, provide fixture and finish guidance,  work with building inspectors & handle any code issues, create material take-offs, gather fixture & material pricing, obtain specialty trade partner proposals, creating floorplans, create 3D renderings, develop design ideas. All of this is required in order to present you with a fixed price contract. One of the many advantages to our process is for you to be able to see exactly what your finished space will look like. The other choice is to use your imagination and hope that what you expect matches up with what your contractor plans to create, this is a recipe for disaster. In conclusion, we will schedule a design review meeting generally in 1-2 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

Preliminary design

After this meeting we create as-built drawings and concept drawings that usually include a few different ideas that we feel will accomplish your goals. This phase focuses on floorplans and roof lines to hone in on the details to come. We will also include as many finer details as possible, including ideas and options to get your input and feedback. While nothing is set in stone at this point, we often begin filling in the blanks to see where we are landing in regard to our target budget range.

Design review meeting

Like all of our interactions, attendance and involvement of all decision makers is critical. This can often be a longer meeting than you would expect because most clients have no idea of the number of decisions that are involved. It is best to set aside 90 minutes for this meeting. We will review conceptual drawings and ideas in an effort to hone in on your wants and desires while at the same time gaining as much wisdom as possible to complete the design. Once we are confident that we are all on the same page and moving in the right direction, we will set up our next meeting in 1-2 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

Final design

After our design review meeting, we will adjust the design as required and begin completing the finer details of the design. There are many choices to be made in this phase. Some choices require a visit to a showroom, others can be made by looking at things online or looking at the samples we provide. We cater to the amount of guidance we give to each client based upon their desires. Some like to have us go to the showrooms with them, others are fine going alone. Either way is fine, and all of our vendors take great care of our clients. When we have all of the details ironed out, we will have a short phone call just to touch base and share where we landed in relation to our target budget range. This allows our clients to have those personal discussions that must take place prior to our final meeting in the Project Development Agreement phase.

Construction agreement meeting

At this meeting we will review final concept drawings, scope of work, selections and final fixed price agreement. Often, we will provide a few optional upgrades or concessions in an effort to fit the project into the desired budget range. At this time, we will discuss these options with you. Upon ratification of the Construction Agreement and initial deposit, we will begin the pre-construction planning phase.

Pre-construction planning

Now the fun really begins. You’ve made all the hard decisions and now you can relax and watch the transformation take place. At this point, we will introduce you to Coconstruct, which allows you to see project details, current photos, the living schedule and most importantly communicate with our team. First, we make sure that any last-minute details are recorded properly. Next we start the permit process if required. We also get started ordering products right away. Lead times for items often drive the schedule. Speaking of the schedule, we will begin aligning all the moving parts at this point. Our goal is to have a smooth transition from beginning to end. This phase generally takes 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Pre-construction meeting

Approximately 1-2 weeks before we begin construction on your project, we will have a meeting on-site to introduce you to the project manager who will be in charge of the production phase of your project. We will do a general overview walk-through led by your design consultant with both you and the project manager paying attention. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that we are all on the same page and serves as one more opportunity to catch any details or misunderstanding that may have taken place before construction begins. We will address daily schedules and any last-minute items that should be done prior to project start-up. For example, removal of personal belongings, empty cabinets, moving furniture etc.


In order for the project to proceed smoothly, we must have uninterrupted access to the house. We will ask to have a key which stays onsite in a lockbox or an access keypad. This allows us to proceed with work while allowing you to go about your daily life without interruptions or having to re-work your schedule to fit ours. As a general statement, we are not onsite before 7:30 and are leaving the site by 5:00. During construction, the schedule is key. This is updated almost in real time to keep everyone on track. What you see is exactly what everyone on our team sees. When things change, and they will, adjustments are made as promptly as possible. While invoice dates are specified on the construction agreement, they are also listed on the schedule. This keeps everyone aware and allows time for funds to be moved as required. We set realistic schedules that keep things moving, but also have a bit of buffer built in for the weather and other factors out of our control. Occasionally a day may go by with no activity. Do not panic, this generally means everything is flowing well and we simply can’t move up the next step. While individual items on the schedule will fluctuate, we are focused on the substantial completion target date of the construction agreement.

Post construction

Nearing the end of the project, your design consultant will schedule a “Final” visit. They will be excited to see the completed space and to hear about your experience. At this point we like to get nice pictures to share with others. Much of our success is based upon repeat clients and client referrals. If you could be thinking of friends or family that may be interested in our services, we would greatly appreciate that information. After the project is complete, please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. Every project we do has a one-year warranty. We will be calling you in about 10 months just to check in and see if there are any minor details that may need our attention prior to your anniversary date.

Mireille, Elizabethtown, PA

From start to finish, GP Harris was exceptional!