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Summer 2021 Letter From the Owner

Another season has passed us by. While we often think spring will never get here, I am always shocked at how quickly it becomes summer.

Congratulations & Best Wishes

Somewhere about 10 years ago I had the great fortune to work with a Kitchen & Bath Designer named April Leisey. Over the next two years I picked up on the fact that she had a knack for details and always made the clients feel at ease...


As I sit in my office looking out across the white barren landscape, it’s on everybody’s mind. Those of us that are early risers know it’s coming because each day the sun comes up a little sooner. The drive home at the end of the day is now before it is dark again. The seasons continue to come and go with complete disregard to our human desires. My goal is to enjoy every day and remember that if we are complaining about the weather, it will soon pass. No, it is not fun to be working outside when it is cold, but in no time at all we will be fussing that it is too hot. The beauty and variety of the Northeast comes from the changing seasons. I hope you too can enjoy each and every day, even if you are dreaming of sunny Spring days.

Winter is hard on your home. Once the air turns warmer, take time to assess the outside of your home for damage that may have gone unnoticed while you stayed inside where it was warm. Cold winter winds can blow shingles off. Ice and snow may break vent pipes that are thru the roof. Caulking around doors and windows is most likely to fail during the cold time of year. Most issues that develop in the winter are minor problems that often go unnoticed until they have become much more extensive to repair. Water is by far the biggest enemy of your home. It sneaks in quietly and rots things as well as promoting the growth of mold. Both issues usually go unnoticed for quite a while, growing in aggravation and cost until noticed.

While Spring is inching ever closer, we start to think about all the things we want to have done when winter lets go of its grip on the landscape. If you have dreams or honey-do lists that we may be able to help you with, come out to the PA Home & Garden Expo February 28th thru March 3 at the PA Farm Show Complex to visit us.

Until next time, stay warm and enjoy the day!

Greg Harris

President, CGR, CAPS