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If you love your home but wish it had a little more space, or a few extra amenities, then an addition may be the right choice for you. Home additions can range from simple to extravagant, and our team of experts can ensure that the addition resembles the architecture and design of your property to create a seamless feel indoors and out. If you need some inspiration on how your home can be improved, read on for a few home addition ideas that will enhance your property and ensure you and your family stay comfortable and happy in your space for years to come.


A cramped kitchen offers limited space for family and friends to gather and few options for storage. A kitchen addition can add much-needed counter, cabinet, and dining space whether you are an avid cook or enjoy entertaining. More square footage also helps reduce clutter, as all of your kitchen items will have their own space. If your kitchen gets little sunlight, an addition also allows you to add windows or skylights to keep your space bright and cheery.


Adding an additional bathroom or expanding a current bathroom can make mornings much easier, especially for families with growing kids. For example, if you have a half bath, making space for a shower and storage creates an additional room for whatever your family needs, be it bathing, brushing teeth, or time in front of the mirror.


Converting outdoor space like a deck or a patio into a home addition ensures that the space can be enjoyed all year round while adding valuable square footage to your home. A sunroom can be used as a home office, playroom, or space to entertain visitors. Additionally, your sunroom can also offer a fabulous view of your property that you can take in without having to brave the winter weather.


Consider adding a garage if your home lacks storage space for your belongings or vehicles. Not only will a garage help keep your cars safe from the elements, but this practical addition also provides a protected space for outdoor toys, gear, decorations, and more. If you need more storage, a two-story garage creates space above the garage, which can be used as an extra bedroom, office, or storage space.

Additional Room

If you are welcoming parents or new family members to your home, an additional room can be added to make space for them to feel right at home. A room with a bedroom and bathroom allows older family members to have a private space for themselves. If you or a family member has switched to remote working, an additional room allows private space out of the hustle and bustle of more active areas of your home.

If you are considering adding space to your home, let us make your dreams a reality! We can help clients in Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and all across Central Pennsylvania, build the perfect addition to your home from the initial consultation to the project completion. Contact us to get started.