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Due to COVID-19, working from home truly is the new norm. As companies realize the benefits of reduced overhead costs, many are choosing to continue remote work indefinitely. In recent months, we’ve seen home offices grow higher in demand as homeowners make their temporary workspace a permanent home feature.

We’re committed to improving your life by improving your home, which is why we recommend upgrading these five features to make your home office as comfortable and convenient as possible.


Since you will be spending a large portion of the day in your home office, it’s imperative to have lighting solutions designed to keep you attentive and focused on your work. Consider adding a skylight or additional windows to let daylight stream through, as it’s been shown that natural light can drastically improve moods.

While natural lighting is a great way to allow the beauty of the outdoors into your office, it’s still important to have a backup plan for those dreary winter days. We suggest opting for recessed lighting (lighting installed directly into the ceiling) to softly illuminate your office.


For maximum privacy, we recommend installing soundproof panels or insulation. This is particularly useful if you live with other people or have children at home as it keeps out any noises surrounding your office. Having undisturbed phone calls and virtual meetings is essential to succeed while working remotely. You can soundproof your office by installing acoustic panels, foam insulation, or even adding mass loaded vinyl into your ceiling, floors, or walls. Be sure to hire professionals for this process, as the correct materials and technique will bring about the best results.


You’ll be spending 8-10 hours a day in your office, so considering your own comfort and needs when it comes to flooring is important. Hardwood and vinyl are definitely the most popular solutions, but that doesn’t mean carpet or tile are off the table. You may even consider hardwood in certain sections and carpet in others. It all comes back to your specific preferences and needs!


Consider what type of desk, work table, or chairs are most comfortable for your workflow. Do you prefer a minimal desk, a standing desk, or one with plenty of storage? Depending on how you like to position your laptop, monitors, and other equipment, building a custom desk may be a smart investment. A second work table is also a good option if your work requires you to spread paper and materials out. Not sure how to layout your office? Our design consultant, April, is an expert at working with our clients to design spaces conducive to their lifestyles.


Working in a messy or cluttered space can inhibit your ability to work efficiently and stay focused. One way to add storage in those much-need areas is through built-in shelving. You can maximize your office space while creating a practical and beautiful focal point in the room. We highly recommend working with a contractor to build custom storage as this process is the best way to ensure your specific needs are met.


A stylish, functional home office will ultimately provide extensive benefits, including increased productivity, privacy, and focus. Consider investing in both your home and work life by partnering with our team to craft the perfect home office. Contact us today at (717) 454-7870 to discuss what you have in mind!