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With most people staying home more often due to the COVID-19, it has become increasingly important to establish an environment that is well-suited to your lifestyle.

This year, we expect many homeowners will continue making improvements to increase the functionality and appearance of their property. If you are in the process of planning a home improvement project, we’re here to help! Below, we compiled six interior and exterior design trends to inspire your projects for 2021.


2021 Interior Design Trends

Bold & Earthy Color Palettes

If you find that your home’s interior is looking a bit dull, it might be time for a fresh paint job! Neutrals are timeless, but bolder paint colors can add significant visual interest to a room. Vivid, earthy hues like deep green or clay will refresh your spaces and cultivate a sense of nature-inspired calmness. For those working from home, this added sense of tranquility would likely be a welcome change.

One of our most trusted brands, Sherwin-Williams, has an incredible collection of vibrant paint options to choose from. Their 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, is a grounding hue that adds sophistication to any room it’s used in.

Designated Office Spaces

Before the mass transition to working from home, a private home office was somewhat of a luxury. Now, as many companies are remote indefinitely, designated office space is becoming an essential home feature.

Whether you desire to build on an addition, close off a section of your living room, or finish the basement, our team is equipped to make the adjustments necessary to maximize the efficiency of your workspace. We recommend considering custom features such as a built-in desk, cabinetry, and shelving to further personalize your home.

Recreation Areas

Perhaps you and your family have enjoyed the increased quality time together this year. Since most gyms, theaters, and entertainment venues are continuing to operate at a limited capacity, many households have prioritized adding designated recreational spaces to their home.

We expect to see many projects involving finished basements, garages, and multiple living spaces in 2021—specifically, home theaters, gyms, studios, and playrooms.

2021 Exterior Design Trends

Outdoor Living Spaces

Your indoors aren’t the only areas that deserve an upgrade! It is good for both the body and mind to get outside and enjoy nature. For that reason, outdoor living spaces have and will continue to be popular among homeowners.

Consider adding a large porch, pergola, or an outdoor kitchen/living area to your property. You’ll certainly enjoy hosting socially-distanced meals and gatherings once warmer weather arrives!

Additional Windows

Studies show that sunlight improves mood, productivity, and brain processing. It’s no surprise then that large windows and skylights will be a beloved home trend for 2021—especially as so many individuals are completing both work and school at home!

When it comes to windows and doors, we highly recommend Andersen for their excellent, energy-efficient products and VELUX skylights. By adding additional sources of natural light, your interior spaces will feel much more open, airy, and pleasant.

Wooden Accents

Wood accents have been a popular interior design trend for a few years now, but we expect to see that trend progress in exterior design as well. Natural wood accents add character and texture to the exterior of a home, and they complement many different architectural styles from colonial to contemporary.

Whether it’s your columns, doors, trim, soffits, or siding, there are a plethora of ways that you can incorporate natural wood into your exterior design. Additionally, one of our trusted brands, Ply Gem, offers beautifully textured, composite options that closely resembles natural wood for those who want to embrace the trend without the extra maintenance.

If you’re planning a home project this year and want to incorporate some of these design trends, contact us at (717) 454-7870 or via our website. We’d love to bring your home dreams to reality!