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A home renovation is no small decision, so we get a lot of questions before starting a project. Questions like, “How much of an investment will this be?” and “How long will it take?”.

Since every project is unique, there are a few things we consider before answering. To get a better sense of how to answer these questions, we ask things like  …

How large is the scope of the project?

Is it a total remodel or just a small cosmetic makeover?

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most popular renovating and remodeling projects and the general investment and timelines associated with them. All of the investments listed are the average in the Central PA area so you have a better idea of how much you may be spending on a project, specifically in this area.

Bathroom Remodel

Average investment: $20-45k

Length of project: 4 to 6 weeks

Looking to turn your outdated bathroom into an oasis?  Time to start picking out new tile, fixtures, and vanity. This is the fun part but try not to get too carried away. Most small decisions that are made on the fly are usually the most expensive ones. Once you choose a tile style that you love (and that’s in your budget), stick with it and you will stick to your budget.

Kitchen Remodel

Average investment: $35-65k

Length of project: 6-8 weeks

Kitchen remodels can vary based on the scope of the project. That is why the length of the project range is so wide. From completely redoing the layout of your kitchen to switching out your cabinets and countertops this project will likely throw a wrench in your day to day processes.  Check out our recent Kitchen Remodel Tips Blog for tricks on surviving your kitchen remodel.

Basement Finishing

Average investment: $30-50k

Length of project: 4-6 weeks

Refinishing a basement seems like quite the undertaking and it can be but, the good news is, the remodel won’t disrupt your day to day life too much. Since your basement isn’t being used now you won’t miss not using it for a few more weeks. Finished basements make great media rooms to watch football in the fall or have movie nights with the family. They are also a great way to keep all of your kids’ toys confined to one area.

This question has an endless supply of answers, but no matter your budget or the timeline we will work with you to make your dream projects come to life!