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Never underestimate the impact a new bathroom can have on your home. Refreshing your bathroom with a complete remodel or simple renovation can add home value and update an outdated or out-of-trend bathroom style. Even the smallest renovations can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Check out this list of tips we put together so you can have the bathroom of your dreams!


Starting Small

Don’t start any remodel or renovation without a plan in place. Are you gutting an out-dated bathroom or are you just making a few small changes? Especially with bathrooms, picking a new color scheme and switching out those old faucets and fixtures goes a long way. By updating a simple element in your bathroom, you can refresh the whole room!


Going Big

Add more appeal to your home by replacing larger elements in the space. Bathtubs, vanities, sinks, and flooring can all be updated to something more modern. Believe it or not, a flooring update can turn a boring and outdated bathroom into a luxurious space. Modern tile designs offer more variation, color, and textures. You can pick from vintage-inspired tiles or something minimal and clean for a fresh new look.


Add Some Luxury

For the ultimate luxury experience, consider heated floors in your bathroom. These types of floors are perfect for the colder months and those just-out-of-the-shower-shivers. Have a project that’s become too daunting? No matter what construction job you need to be completed, our team at G.P. Harris Renovations and Remodeling is made up of professional renovators and remodelers—just the team to start or finish the project you’ve been hoping for.


Quick Fixes

If you don’t have the time or the funds to do a complete bathroom remodel, consider updating just a few things. If the main focal point of your bathroom is looking a little worn out, replace just that! For example, storage space is a crucial part of a bathroom’s functionality and a great update if your bathroom is lacking in this area. Adding some updated shelves can revamp the entire look and feel of your space while adding useful storage space. For even quicker fixes, try changing up your bathroom decorations and accessories. Simple changes like new towels, mirrors, shower curtains, and rugs can make a huge impact at a low cost.


Are you ready to start the bathroom renovation of your dreams? Do you need more help, tips, or answers? Our team is always ready to help you get your project started and finished! Connect with us today, by calling (717) 454-7870.