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Update your home with these classic additions.

Ways To Enhance Your Kitchen Aesthetics

A well-designed kitchen improves the overall ambiance of your living space. Read on to learn how to achieve a stunning kitchen design that reflects your style and elevates functionality.

If you are looking for design inspiration for your home, look back to the ’50s ’60s, and ’70s!  Style is cyclical, and modern designers are embracing retro elements characteristic of past decades. We highlight a few of these trends below, showing how these decades-old ideas can add a unique aesthetic to your home.

Colorful Appliances

Brighten up your kitchen with radiantly colored appliances! Gone is the trend of black, gray, and white-colored kitchen devices. Big brands like Smeg and KitchenAid embrace mid-century styles in all colors of the rainbow, beyond the ochres and avocados of yesteryear. Now you can add a fun pop of color to your kitchen without having to open a can of paint.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling can add depth and interest to your space, but this isn’t the dark and wide basement paneling you may be picturing! Paneling is being added in narrower sections and consists of lighter wood so you can add warmth and highlight architectural details without making your space feel outdated and dark.

Floating Vanities

Using your bathroom space efficiently is key in creating the perfect room. Incorporating a mid-century style such as a floating vanity or shelves offers practical benefits and gives your bathroom a retro feel. Reminiscent of the atomic age, these pieces allow extra space below the sink for additional storage and easier cleaning while giving your bathroom a space-age aesthetic.

Colorful Bathrooms

Bring back the fun of a mid-century colorful bathroom, but add a modern twist! Bathroom tiles now come in a variety of fun and funky colors, textures, and finishes so you can add a bright pop of color to the floors, shower, or walls. Tiles stand up to the fluctuating humidity of the bathroom well, and of course, are durable and stain-resistant.


Add your distinct style to any space instantly with a bold wallpaper! Gone is the old-fashioned and dated wallpaper from the past. You can now find wallpaper in a large spectrum of styles from bright pop-art to soft and textured patterns. This allows you to add interest to any space, large or small, and add a distinctively ’60s nostalgic touch to your modern home.


Although these retro renovation ideas won’t transport you back in time, they will help you create a dazzling space reminiscent of design elements prevalent in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.  Incorporating a few of these ideas in your home can set your interiors apart from others and add personality to your space. If you have a vision for your home that you would like to bring to life, let us help! Give us a call at (717) 454-7870 or email to get started.