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Spring means fresh starts, bold colors, and a reason to update your home with a new addition or renovation. We’ve compiled some of the best home design trends to jumpstart inspiration for your new springtime project.

New looks for kitchens

Spring is the perfect time to update your kitchen. Ditch the all-white kitchen and personalize your kitchen with color. Try painting the walls a different hue—soft blues, grays, and greens are all unique alternatives to white. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, change it up, and be bold! Natural wood lends color and texture to your space while nonconventional colors are a fun update to an otherwise impersonal kitchen.


A fresh coat of paint makes most spaces look sparkling clean and new. Any room in your home can benefit from a layer of paint in the trendiest colors of 2020, like Pantone’s color of the year Classic Blue. You can also try emerald greens, or golden yellows—all colors that add depth and vibrancy to your home. Paint colors derived from nature, like clay and soft greens and blushes, are big this year in-home trends too.

Layer your living room

Combine and layer the old and the new. Mix and match vintage pieces such as mid-century chairs with modern wall hangings. Then create depth by layering art pieces and various decor items. Try putting different art styles together to create a layering effect. Prop canvases and framed art on shelves and use interesting frames to accent your photos and art. Don’t worry about everything matching—that’s the point!

Don’t forget your bathroom

The bathroom can be the last room in the house you think about renovating, but be sure to give it a facelift for the spring season. There are many new functional design trends to pull inspiration from—metals, textures, fabrics, you name it. Brass and gold finishes are in for mirrors and accents. Consider changing out your drawer pulls or vanity knobs for flashy new gold or brushed bronze ones.

Update your exterior

Your home’s exterior should complement the interior. Keep the paint scheme similar on the inside and the outside. Our team can help update both! There are small fixes and updates that can be completed on your own, like repainting shutters or swapping out lightbulbs, but if you’re looking for a complete redo—contact us, and we’ll help you get started on your spring project!

With all of these design ideas and trends, you’ll have no problem planning and getting ready to start your renovation projects. G.P. Harris Renovations & Remodeling is ready to help you bring your springtime project to life!