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Summer 2021 Letter From the Owner

Another season has passed us by. While we often think spring will never get here, I am always shocked at how quickly it becomes summer.

2022 Spring Letter from the Owner

G.P. Harris Renovations & Remodeling strives to exceed your expectations, communicate when there are challenges, and develop lasting relationships with our clients as we navigate the new normal.

Spring is in Full Swing

Spring is always an exciting time of new growth, and it feels like a beginning point for so many things. Most of us are experiencing a bit of cabin fever after withstanding a dull winter season in Central PA. The past year has been exceptionally long and challenging for many. Some have reached their breaking point due to the inability to socialize with friends and family. As the vaccination campaign spreads across our nation, it is my hope that everyone can retain their health and enjoy life freely once again.

It seems as though the extended stay at home has influenced many to renovate and remodel their homes. Some of this is due to vacation funds that could not be used on vacation. Others were simply forced to slow down long enough to look around and realize that some upgrades would improve their time at home. We all spend a great deal of time in our kitchen and bathrooms, but that reality has been greatly exaggerated over the past year. Take a moment to think about your current lifestyle and what has become most important to you. Maybe the weekly movie night that fell by the wayside has again become a regular occurrence in your household? Consider investing in a home theater that will be comfortable for the whole family and keep them coming back long after this pandemic has ended.

Regardless of what home improvements are swirling around in your head, please take the time to research potential contractors. There are no apples-to-apples comparisons in this field—every company has a different process. Three projects can have the exact same results in the end, but each homeowner will have vastly different experiences. You should trust and believe in the team you hire.

As we begin our 19th year in business, I can’t help but feel truly blessed. I’ve met countless individuals that I think about often. Our goal is always to provide a solution to a problem, but it is never quite that simple. Renovating your home to make it fit your needs and desires is usually a journey. We enjoy going on that journey with our clients. Along the way, we develop relationships that are deeper than simply fixing a simple problem. Whether your project is a complex or straightforward one, we’d love to join you on the journey.


Greg Harris