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1. Communication

Being able to communicate clearly provides clarity for both the client and the workers on a project. From the initial design to on-site processes, so much of contracting involves communication. A prowess in communication helps contractors market themselves, submit tenders, negotiate contracts, and create lasting relationships with clients.

2. Risk Management

All construction comes with risks. Being able to take the necessary precautions for your space and workers helps to prevent injury on the job or damage to your property. Some companies ignore that risks are very real and possible. Naivety when it comes to the potential dangers of a job is a surefire way to cause harm. Competent contractors will follow OSHA standards to ensure the lowest possible chance of an accident.

3. Innovativeness

The best contractors are constantly researching the newest innovations and changes in the industry. Doing our due diligence to research trends and new methods to work on a project keeps our game sharp.

4. Paperwork & Records

It’s essential to write things down. Without written records, both the client and the contractor can run into issues down the road. These issues can turn a project that’s been moving forward into one that becomes a complete standstill. Contractors that keep detailed records foster an environment of protection and care for their clients.


The question “What makes a good general contractor?” is not an easy one to answer. Improving is a never-ending process. When you finish and improve in one place, another new innovation has popped up to improve in another area. At G.P. Harris Renovations and Remodeling, we are constantly working to provide you with the best experience possible, which means developing these qualities and others like it every day.