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While the heat of early summer is a welcome change, you may be wishing for a reprieve by mid-July. Whether you want to maximize energy efficiency or entertain indoors, we have a few helpful suggestions for ways you can update your home. Read on to learn how to make your indoors cool, comfortable, and inviting this summer!

Install Ceiling Fans

Warm, motionless air can make a room feel hot and stuffy. Luckily, a ceiling fan is an easy way to distribute air through a room without turning on the AC. Unlike a central cooling system, fans are much more energy efficient and can be adjusted room-to-room. They can also double as overhead lighting and are available in a variety of styles to fit your decorating aesthetic. They can even be the focal point of your room! If you have rooms that often feel stuffy, installing a ceiling fan is a great solution to add a refreshing breeze to your home.

Upgrade Kitchen Countertops

If you want to entertain indoors this summer, replacing your countertops can instantly elevate your kitchen! Guests naturally gravitate to the kitchen, and this season, you can WOW your family and friends with gorgeous granite, butcher block, or a quartz countertop! To make your kitchen even more inviting, consider adding an island specifically designed for gathering, grazing, and entertaining.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

The simple addition of a programmable thermostat could help you save on your energy bills this summer! A programmable thermostat lets you set the temperature based on a pre-set schedule, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all season long. This addition is also helpful for summer vacations, allowing you to schedule your thermostat settings to avoid high cooling bills while away from home.

Install New Windows

Drafty or poorly insulated windows can lead to higher energy costs and overworked AC units in the summer months. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient models like Andersen’s energy star windows can help you save on heating and cooling costs and increase your home’s resale value. Replacing your windows not only helps improve energy efficiency, but new windows are also an excellent selling point for prospective buyers.

If you’re looking to maximize your home’s energy efficiency or renovate your space, give us a call at (717) 454-7870 or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to help find solutions for your home and bring your vision to life!