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This isn’t HGTV this is real life!

The first step is to think about your own personal style! We will, of course, always be influenced by what we see on TV, in-home magazines, and on Pinterest, but it’s important to take some time to think about what trends you would like to actually come to life in your home! Sure, that subway tile backsplash may look great in that farmhouse you saw on HGTV, but does it match YOUR style and home?

To help you figure out your style, here are a few home trends to consider:

Country Farmhouse:

This style was made popular by the show Fixer Upper and incorporates rustic chic into a cozy home. Some favorite design trends with this style include reclaimed wood, shiplap walls, fireclay farmhouse sinks, and subway tile backsplashes.


This style is inspired by the look of an industrial building renovated into a modern urban loft. It uses elements like exposed brick and wood to give a sort of raw and unfinished charm. High ceilings, distressed wood, and metal fixtures are also popular with this style.

Modern Minimalist:

Simplicity is key when it comes to the modern minimalist style. This means simplicity in every aspect. From furniture to color choices, this style focuses on the essentials and just that. This style incorporates clean and crisp lines, a simple color scheme, and the use of materials like metal, glass, and stainless steel accents.


Using elements of both traditional and modern design, this style creates a space that is “just right” in terms of style and functionality. Balance is key when it comes to transitional design. It incorporates modern materials like steel and glass, as well as plush furnishings. Neutral color schemes and a warm, relaxing feel that’s also sleek and stylish is the goal.

Do any of these styles resonate with you? Remember, you can create your style. Take aspects of one trend and aspects of another to create a home wishlist that’s perfect for you!