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At some juncture in life, every homeowner reaches the point where they don’t seem to have enough space to meet their needs anymore. In some cases, a family simply may outgrow their house. More commonly, though, they just aren’t using space as effectively as they could be.

From simple storage solutions to larger renovation projects, there are many creative ways to maximize space. Below, we have compiled several storage tips and project ideas to help you make the most of the space in your most-used rooms.


The kitchen is often the first place where homeowners find they’re lacking space. In order to accommodate all of the appliances, cookware, dinnerware, and pantry items that are necessary for a kitchen, abundant storage is essential.

We recommend utilizing wall space as much as possible to store kitchen items. By building floor-to-ceiling cabinets, floating shelves, and pegboards, you can free up space on your counters that could be better utilized for meal prepping and will make the room look less cluttered.

If you have extra square footage in your kitchen, we suggest building an island for additional storage. Islands can also hide large eyesores such as microwaves, toaster ovens, or trash and recycling cans. You can also convert an unused corner into a pantry area for storing bulk food items and beverages, which will free up even more cabinet space!

Living Room

As the main area where families and friends gather to spend quality time together, living rooms are heavily trafficked. To maximize the livable space in your living room, we suggest incorporating storage options that don’t sacrifice too much valuable floor space.

A popular way to achieve this is with built-in shelving units that have open shelves for decor, books, and keepsakes as well as closed cabinets for blankets, movies, and gaming consoles. If possible, you can also construct drawers or create a small closet under the staircase to stow away board games, toys, jackets, and seasonal items.

If you still feel that your living room is too cramped, consider making the investment to finish your basement or build on an additional family room. Next time your home is packed with all of your favorite people, you will certainly appreciate having the extra space.


Bathrooms are often fairly small, but they still require a decent amount of space to store toiletries, towels, medicines, and other necessities. One practical way to store products and linens if you don’t have a large bathroom is to create recessed shelves. Recessed shelving goes into a wall rather than on a wall, which saves space while also providing storage.

Another simple bathroom renovation that saves space is installing a sliding door. Pocket doors and barn doors are great options, as they free up the space that’s traditionally reserved to account for the door swing. This provides room for more cabinets or shelving, if necessary.


A bedroom should be a place for relaxation and rest. If your bedroom is overflowing with clothing, shoes, and other personal items, then it has likely become a stressful environment rather than a serene one.

To maximize the space in your bedroom, we suggest utilizing your closet better. The more space that you use inside your closet, the less that’s needed within your livable bedroom area. If possible, add a second rod in your closet to hang additional clothing as well as built-in cabinets and shelves for shoes, accessories, and out-of-season clothes. If you have an extra bedroom in your house that isn’t being used, consider transforming it into a spacious closet and dressing room so that you have more space in your master.

If you’re interested in undergoing a renovation project to maximize the space in your home, we’re happy to offer our design and build services! Our team of experts can create functional and stylish storage solutions wherever you need them. To schedule a consultation, call us at (717) 454-7870 or complete our online contact form.