Embarking on this project, the homeowner’s dream of expanding their garage to accommodate their SUV and truck seemed impossible due to structural constraints. But where there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity for innovative solutions.

We proposed a game-changing idea: not just a garage addition but one with a covered deck above and a covered patio below, fulfilling their desire for a shaded outdoor space. The excitement was palpable when we unveiled the plan. The brand new 2-car garage blends perfectly on the house’s southeast side. It compliments the existing structure and boasts a finished interior, heating, and electric doors. However, the true gem of this garage is the covered deck. It is a peaceful oasis where the family can enjoy the outdoors without being scorched by the sun. We faced elevation challenges head-on, crafting a careful plan that resulted in a stunning and highly functional space. The deck, adorned with TimberTech Pro Legacy collection in Ashwood and White Washed Cedar borders, offers beauty and durability. Enhanced by the Chesapeake Series Aluminum Horizontal Cable Railing with Textured Black posts, it exudes modern elegance. And let’s not forget the thoughtful details, like the Masonite Belleville Man Door and the ProVia Signet 460 Style Knotty Alder Fiberglass Door, adding the finishing touch to this transformative project.

With every element meticulously planned, this space now stands as a testament to creative problem-solving, turning challenges into a spectacular reality.