Our team had previously removed a structurally unstable, deteriorating 2-story deck and 2nd-story sunroom addition while working on Phase 1 of this home in 2021. 2022 was the year they wanted to reclaim this outdoor living space.

When we initially met with the clients to discuss their wishes, they had a grade-level patio in mind which would have meant it was 4’ below all of the entry doors. After a brief conversation in-house, we concluded that the end results would be much more attractive and user-friendly to build the patio up to the level of the basement. While it increased the investment and added the challenge of getting 150 tons of stone into the location, the clients saw the value and benefits of long-term use. We were able to create a beautiful and functional new 2 story patio/deck area. Giving them many places to sit out and watch the nature around them. As well as a spacious upper deck for entertaining. We created a custom arrangement of Decorative Privacy Panels to provide some privacy from neighbors and still not take away from their surrounds, this was very important to them. The lower patio, in stained stamped concrete, grounds the structure with warmth. This gives them easy access from the 1st floor to the outside and into their backyard.

Very steep sloping provided some interesting challenges for this project. Since the home backed up to a waterway, the only accessibility to this backyard was a steep bank off the driveway. There were existing brick and stone pathways that had to be removed and rebuilt by hand once all the construction was complete. A conveyor system was used to transfer stone through the garage and out the rear door to the patio sight. All of the concrete had to be pumped in from the street.