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Inspiration for Updating Your Bathroom

Ready for a bathroom refresh? Here are a few tips to help you get started on a big or small project!

Home Addition Inspiration

These home additions can add valuable space where it counts.

Although bathrooms are some of the most used spaces in our homes, as homeowners, we can neglect keeping these areas updated and well maintained. Upgrading your bathroom can significantly improve your everyday life while elevating the look of your home.  Below are four reasons you should upgrade your bathroom and make the most out of a space you use every day!


Water or sewer damage is not a problem homeowners should ignore. Before beginning renovations, examine your bathroom for any water or sewer damage.  Damages need to be dried entirely and decontaminated to prevent the growth and spread of toxic microorganisms. Although this adds a few steps to the demolition process, it is vital to ensure you do not have to deal with contaminants that can cause serious health issues like black mold.

Once the damaged areas are removed, dried, and clean, it’s time to update your bathroom! Have you always wanted a larger space? Or a slightly different layout? Now is the time to embrace change. While you may be mourning the loss of your former bathroom, the opportunity to make the space of your dreams could be the silver lining in the dark cloud of water damage.

The Space Feels Small

If your bathroom feels small, renovations can make a big difference in your perception of the space! If you cannot physically expand the bathroom, additions like a skylight, mirrored wall, or pocket doors instantly create the illusion of more space. A glass shower door that opens up a room and improved lighting and bright colors can also help transform your bathroom from a cramped closet to a peaceful retreat.

More Storage

Bulky shelves and shower caddies can quickly make your washroom feel more cramped. However, if your bathroom is now hosting more people than when you first moved in, consider a renovation that incorporates seamless storage spaces that fit into the room’s design. Some storage solutions include niche, built-in shelves in the bath and shower area that eliminate the need for caddies or flimsy suction-cup soap dishes. Recessed shelving can also be installed throughout the bathroom, opening up floor space and allowing room for movement. You may also consider leveling up your vanity to a greater storage capacity model.

Dated Decor

Are you transitioning a kid’s bathroom into one primarily used for adults? Or have you purchased a home where the bathroom is stuck in the last century? It may be time to renovate! If you are an empty-nester, consider incorporating changes that allow you to age in place. For example, a tub can be renovated into a more accommodating walk-in shower, and a sectioned-off room can be opened up to allow more space for movement. While some retro style ideas are coming back around, aged wallpaper and linoleum may need an upgrade. Choose timeless neutrals that add an elegant touch to your new room and are durable enough to withstand daily use. Finishing touches like updated faucets or drawer pulls will really bring your space to life and into the 21st century!

If you want to renovate your bathroom and are unsure where to start, contact us! We can help you design a plan to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life.